Private Training: Lomi Lomi Basics for Everyone

4 Hours | By appointment​

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Would you like to share Lomi Lomi massage to your loved ones ? 

Then this private course is for you.  A beautiful gift to give to yourself and those you love.

Lomilomimassage, Courses private massage

Lomilomimassage, Courses private massage

In ancient times, 'Lomi Lomi" was family work, used to keep everyone in there home healthy and strong. Learn the basic techniques of full - body massage which you can use to help and relief your own family, friends and loved ones, as well as:

  • How to apply practical Lomi Lomi techniques helping the body to relax from tension
  • F.L.Y Movement | Wake up - Balance - Clear your energy
  • Hawaiian meditation technique 
  • The “Ha” Breath 
  • How to be effective with your body 

Private Training Includes


Talk-story introduction to ancient Hawaiian history 


Instructor demonstration of a full-body Lomi Lomi massage 


Time to practice the lomi lomi sequence 

Two Students

  • Talk-Story Introduction
  • Instructor Demonstration
  • Time to Practice 

Price: 590€ / 4 Hours

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Single Student

  • Talk-Story Introduction
  • Instructor Demonstration
  • Time to Practice

Price: 350€ / 4 Hours

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Empower yourself by learning this unique treatment and engage it into your lifestyle