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Level 1 - Lomi Lomi Training

What you will learn

At Level 1 & 2 we will focus on the physical techniques, as they speak louder than words. Further on in the training's, we explore the deeper spiritual realms of healing. 

Even if you don’t intend to practice professionally, this training's will enhance your life on so many levels, reconnecting you with your inner-self, and will enable you to  share the healing touch within your family, your 'Ohana'.

  • What is Lomi Lomi and introduction to Hawaiian Lomi Lomi History
  • How to use your body mechanism to be more effective during your treatments 
  • Learn and practice short and long continues forearm techniques on the back, legs, front & face 
  • Experience a new way of breathing (Ha) the tool for transformation 
  • Get to know your own flow 
  • Introduction to Kahuna spiritual teaching 
  • Self care practices 

Lomi Lomi Massage @ Agios Georgios Alamanou

Lomi Lomi Massage @ Agios Georgios Alamanou

Lomi Lomi Training - Level 1 & 2

About the Courses

A 4day courses where you will practice and receive the foundation of a full body Lomi Lomi massage. This will allow you to experience the 'Aloha' touch and transform yourself through a new way of breathing, moving and being.

This bodywork will help you find your own flow of movement and embrace the recipient within a complete beautiful sacred way.

These tow levels are usually split into 2 weekends and in different months, so that you have the time to practice your new skills of lomi lomi massage,  absorb and understand all the new information's you learned and be ready to receive the new ones.


Our Mission

Lomi Lomi cyprus massage training Hawaiin massage

To share with you our experiences within Lomi Lomi massage and help you transform your life like it did to us. We are committed to support you through this journey and help you release  your healing treasures and expand them for yourself and those you touch. We want to guide you to hold a safe, sacred and heart -felt space for yourself and others.

Who can learn Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi massage training cyprus

Lomi Lomi Massage is for anyone who wants to embody their healing gifts for themselves and  serve their family, community and the world. Previous experience is not necessary. 

For those who are already practitioners this course will help you integrate the physical, emotional and energetic aspect of the work, acquire new skills and much more...

What to bring with you

Lomi Lomi Cyprus training massage limassol masaz

Absolutely nothing except lunch if you wish. 

There will be coffee, juice and fruit.

* You will neet to have a shower during our training. We will provide towels and toiletries, but you are welcome to bring your own.

What you will receive

Lomi Lomi massage Cyprus training masaz

All Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance but only professional massage therapists and holders of a recognized diploma in Anatomy & Physiology will be able to practice it professionally after completing level 3.


Greek Speakers


9 - 10 February 2019

English Speakers

Completed for 2018! 

If your time of learning Lomi Lomi has arrived contact us for dates and info. 


Sesto Senso Wellness care  

Time: 10:00  - 18:00

Book Your Place


Contact 25 734724 to reserve your place.

We accept payments through paypal, bank transfer, cash or cheques payable to Sesto Senso Wellness Care.

We will accept maximum 8 trainees per course. Please read the Terms & Conditions below for more details.

Terms & Conditions

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We care for our students, so feel free to visit us! 

Lomi Lomi Cyprus Massage & Reflexology School

3 Noe Ayia Phyla, Limassol, Cyprus



Ανοιχτά σήμερα

9:00 π.μ. – 5:00 μ.μ.

Level 1 - Training Lomi Lomi Massage


Level 1 is the foundation for all lomi lomi practices as we learn a new way of breathing, movement and existence. In this training we will learn:

* What is Lomi Lomi and an introduction to his story.
* Learn and apply massage techniques (mainly with forearm) on the back and legs.
* The importance of breathing (Ha)
* How to use the right body mechanisms without your own cost
* What is Huna
* Hawaiian basic principles